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  1. Wiz Khalifa's 'Rolling Papers 2' only new release to crack Top 10
  2. T.I., Wesley Snipes, Terrence Howard and more star in drama about four childhood friends in post-hurricane New Orleans
  3. Ten-episode series dedicated to horror franchise premieres in September on USA Network
  4. Jason Momoa's half-man, half-Atlantean battles his half-brother to prevent "war on the surface world"
  5. 'Stranger Things' actress stars in sequel to 2014 sequel where Godzilla battles Mothra, Rodan and three-headed King Ghidorah
  6. German astronaut Alexander Gerst joins pioneering electronic music band via video from International Space Station
  7. Texas group makes the case for country's best live band with superb performance of songs off new album 'Steak Night at the Prairie Rose'
  8. Revival of cult series, executive produced by Joss Whedon, to feature African-American actress as titular slayer in contemporary world
  9. "We don’t need to be reprogrammed or deprogrammed—we’re fine how we are. We too are American," singer tells host of 'Dirty Computer'
  10. Director's 2019 movie is "culmination" of covert trilogy following 2000's 'Unbreakable' and 2017's 'Split'


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